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Updated: Jan 6

It’s been a crazy few months of non-stop work to get to the point we’re at todayI’m finally able to relax a bit to connect with you through my blog. While LILIWAY HOLISTIC STUDIO was dreamed up just a few months ago, its story goes back a lot further. 

Where it all began:

Liliana Gankevych, the founder of the LILIWAY HOLISTIC STUDIO, began as a professional makeup artist in the beauty industry over 10 years ago. She has combined her passion for makeup artistry and skincare to become a licensed esthetician. 

Liliana enjoys enhancing one’s natural beauty, preferring to heal skin conditions from the inside out. Liliana was born in Ukraine. She moved to New York City in 2009 to live her American Dream. Her enjoyment of beauty began at an early age. She loved to play with makeup and quickly became mesmerized by the magical transformations that she could create. Her loved ones became her muse, allowing her to acclimate to the industry by applying makeup and skincare products on their faces.

Over the years, Liliana developed an understanding that some women used makeup to accentuate their beauty, whereas others applied it to cover blemishes. She wanted women to wear makeup because they wanted to, not because they felt obligated. It became her mission to search for a way towards the healthiest skin possible. 

Liliana has the first-hand experience with skin conditions. As an adolescent, she dealt with hormonal acne. For over eight years she went to numerous specialists.  Despite this, she was unable to find a solution. Personal lifestyle changes and adjustments to her diet, were instrumental in her search for lasting results.

Liliana realized that many skin conditions her clients experienced were caused by the use of beauty products containing harsh chemicals. Following her own success in transforming her skin, she introduced her clients to healthy lifestyle practices. She educated them to be more selective with theproducts and treatments that they used. She advised her clients to use all-natural products combined with specialized techniques. She received a significant amount of positive feedback. Many of her clients reported that they wore makeup less frequently because they felt more confident, and their skin had a radiant glow. This encouraged Liliana to begin her own practice to offer her clients the best solutions. 

Liliana created her own way… Liliway. That's how the Liliway organization was conceived.

What’s it all about:

Liliana found her purpose in developing solutions for skin conditions through holistic and nurturing techniques. She discovered that helping clients to look good and feel good about their skin was sometimes even more effective than a one-hour session with a psychologist. The Liliway system includes effective massage techniques, relaxing aromatherapy and the most soothing, relaxing experience possible, across multiple senses. In addition, she believes that even the tone of voice used during facial experience matters. 

For Liliana, a facial is an art formShe believes in the deepest sense, that it is an honor to be able to help people feel better about their skin. She takes this responsibility seriously. 

“I care not only about healthy, beautiful skin but in overall wellness from the inside out. I choose to use only clean, non-toxic, plant and mineral-based brands, for the health of the skin, body and for our precious planet, yet deliver beautiful, professional results. Seeing positive results and happy clients keeps me inspired.” 

- Liliana Gankevych

Today and the future:

Fast forward to today, and we’ve ironed out our processes and systems. We have the kindest clients ever (hi clients! We love you!). We have countless ideas for things we want to do. Here are a few of them:

  • New blog posts at least once a month (to keep you updated on what's new).

  • Giveaways.

  • Education through our posts.

  • Workshops (online or in-person).

  • Skincare choices that are good for humans and the planet.

  • Interesting collaborations and partnerships.

  • Discounts and special offers quarterly.

  • Quiet luxury. Beautiful experiences. Customized services. Consistency. 

  • Tips for better, healthier leaving.

  • Investing our profits to support our monthly women’s support group. (@womenforwomen_nyc)

We want to build a company that helps to change the world. We’d love you to be there for the journey.

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